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Dont know if this has been done

who brought this back

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why are people so obsessed with “top or bottom” 

honestly im just excited to have a bunk bed

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An Accidental Ecosystem in an Abandoned Mall

Constructed in 1982 by the Kaew Fah Plaza Company, the 11-storey New World Mall enjoyed a brief period of success. It was soon shut down due to legal concerns and demolished. A fire left the place without a roof.

Without a roof, rainwater filled the basement and this pool of stagnant water soon became a breeding place for mosquitoes. Annoyed, the vendors in the neighborhood got together and released a few fish into the water, to get rid of the pesky mosquitoes. The fish multiplied quickly, and soon the building became home to a 500-square-meter miniature ecosystem for thousands of koi and catfish.

It is now a popular tourist destination.

Picture credits go to Jesse Rockwell. 



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So i have this giant pencil right


I think we all know where this is going.


the amount of people saying that they were expecting me to shove it up my ass is alarming

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"Does my uniform make me look fat?"
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